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Finally, in August 2018 a wonderful breakthrough came when we were given a Fiat Scudo van and a shipping container from the Hope Centre (City Church Derby) who were no longer using them. This was a huge relief and a massive encouragement to us and also enabled us to operate a lot more efficiently. Along with the van and shipping container the Hope Centre also introduced us to the many agencies that refer people to them as the organisation that was now providing furniture. It was also at this time that we began the process of registering this work, which we now called Hope City Furniture, with the Charities Commission. This process was completed in December 2018 when Hope City Furniture was officially registered as a charity.


The charity has continued to grow as we network with many other agencies and organisations in Derby who are offering assistance to people in crisis. 

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Hope City Furniture is a charity registered in England and Wales (1181097).

Correspondence Address: The Riverside Centre, Riverside Court, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HY

Phone: 07340 244416

Email: info@hopecityfurniture.org.uk​

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