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Women’s Work (Derbyshire) Ltd. 

As a charity working with disadvantaged women we are in regular contact with Hope City Furniture.  We refer women who have support needs and insufficient income to purchase household furnishings to the organisation and have received very positive feedback from those that they have helped.  The provision of free, good quality furniture has made a real, positive difference to the lives of those in need.  Fiona and her husband offer a comprehensive service and their warm and friendly approach is greatly appreciated.


We work with individuals who are rebuilding their lives after experiencing slavery. Moving into their own house or flat is a significant time but often individuals do not have the furniture or finances to make their house a home. On a number of occasions we have been able to make referrals to Hope City Furniture who have acted quickly and facilitated houses to become homes. For those we work with this is life changing.


Derby Homes


“Over recent months Hope City Furniture have helped many of our tenants with a lot of items to get them started in their new homes. On one occasion they visited with just one item for a tenant, but they noticed she actually needed a lot more, so they returned and delivered further items.


Working in partnership with Hope City Furniture has also helped with recycling unused furniture to benefit other tenants in need, reducing waste and contributing to more sustainable and desirable neighbourhoods. The service they provide is very customer-focused and they really strive to help those in need with furniture where possible.


The experience our staff have had with working in partnership with Rich and Fiona has been positive throughout.


Thank you for your hard work and commitment, you really are appreciated.”

Client Testimonials...


"I can honestly say that Hope City Furniture was a gift from God. They not only provided me with high quality furniture but also an outstanding service. It's without a doubt a life changing experience for my family, and I can't thank them enough."

"The compassion you show to the people you serve is an inspiration for us all. I've noticed how you treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter what their situation is. We all know how stressful it can be for people who find themselves in need of the services you provide. Your words and actions go a long way towards helping them keep their dignity. I just want you to know that your work hasn't gone unnoticed, especially for me and my family."


"Hope City Furniture has helped me in every way they can and beyond their call of duty. They have lifted my life. I wish there were more genuine people like them to help people in crisis. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything."

"Thank you Hope City Furniture for everything you have done and will do for all refugees, regardless of race, colour, language and culture."

"During the first lockdown it was hard to get any help but Hope Furniture really came through for me. Fiona and her husband were really nice and helpful and before long my 2 bed flat was fully furnished. I really can’t thank them enough."

"Hope City Furniture made a massive difference to me. Not only did they bring furniture but they also came into the property and assembled it for me. They showed generosity beyond belief. I've been trying to rebuild my life and they made my house into a home. I can't believe how much they have done for me and expected nothing in return. I recommend Hope City Furniture, they made a big difference in my life and now I can start rebuilding my life."


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